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  • Now is the time to learn fundamental aquatic skills that are necessary while spending time at residential and community pools, beaches, and other aquatic activities. Our curriculum includes water safety and swimming lessons for children and adults at any and all levels. These classes are for anyone who is openly willing to have fun and learn.

    Splash Rite Swim School instructors are certified and have a true passion for helping everyone excel in aquatics. We love bringing the joy of learning to the water. Our staff has a broad range of fun-loving teaching experience that exceeds over 20 years. The instructors are well trained and looking forward to creating a comfortable and gratifying learning environment for all of our students.

    Many students think they cannot learn how to swim, but they can. We teach students from 6 months to adults with experience ranging from those who have never been in a pool to more experienced swimmers. This includes swim team preparation coaching. We teach techniques that make the stroke more efficient while providing comprehensive strength training that will increase endurance. Our methods are impressive, enjoyable, and effective.

    Splash Rite Swim School, strives to close the gap between those who have access to water safety and learn to swim programs and others who do not. We are closing the gap by promoting in- water awareness, knowledge, and positive experiences.

    Splash Rite Swim School is excited to announce that we are partners with the USA Swimming Foundation’s water safety initiative, Make a Splash. The USA Swimming Foundation at usaswimmingfoundation.org launched Make a Splash in 2007 with the goal to teach every child how to swim. In order to accomplish this, we are spreading awareness to promote the importance of learning how to swim and safe in and around water in every community.

    • We love how Carlotta has worked with Hannah on technique. She has completely broken down each stroke to basic skills and brought Hanna so many new skills that Hannah is now excited by how much she learns at swimming. Thank you Carlotta

      Hannah Parents
    • Carlotta, Thank you for teaching me and being our swim teacher you’re the best out of all.

      Ladayash Genesis, Darius.
    • Carlotta, You are o-fish-ally the best swim teacher ever!

    • Dear Carlotta, Just can’t thank you enough. Thanks for teaching. You’ve made me feel more comfortable in the water. You are a very good teacher! Thank you

    • Thank you for everything you do. So full of thank-yous, thanks to you. I’ll miss you a lot.

      Miss You
    • Thank you Ms. Carlotta for teaching me how to swim.